GRAFFITI BUTTONS 18mm 23mm 30.5mm - Nasias Buttons
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GRAFFITI BUTTONS 18mm 23mm 30.5mm


Diameter(s):  18.0, 23.0, 30.0mm
Size(s):  18, 36, 47 Ligne  
Colour(s):  brown, white
Shape:  round
Composition:  plastic
Surface:  matt

• Made in Italy




Graffiti buttons with 4 holes for sew through fastening. Made from qualty Italian polyester with a depth fom appoximately 2mm to 4mm. White background with a brown street style graffiti design featuring cartoon cat and bird characters.

Available in three sizes only – 18mm (28L) 23mm (36L) and 30mm (47L)

From the pictures shown the color of the button may be slightly different. How color shows up on your screen can be affected by many factors including the age of your monitor as well as the type of graphics card being used.

These Graffiti buttons are ideal for coats jackets blazers costumes and knitwear but are also suitable for all sewing craft and knitting projects.

We sell a variety of 4 hole brown buttons

Helpful Tips

For button size, please measure the outer largest diameter from one edge of the button across to the other.  For domed buttons it is easier to measure across the back of the button.


Sewing a button is as fundamental as it gets when it comes to sewing. Whether you’re sewing buttons on a new creation or repairing a missing button, sewing a button is a hand sewing skill that everyone should know!

We have a useful tutorial which shows how to sew a 4 Hole button

Button Size

18.0mm / 28L, 23.0mm / 36L, 30.5mm / 48L

Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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